MY LOVE FOR MOHUN BAGAN (Second Edition Announcement)

My love for Mohun bagan, second edition will not only contain everything about the foreign players played for mohun bagan, but also the details of every legendary player came to visit our club. You may be astonished to know great Pele played against mohun bagan in Kolkata. Mohun Bagan supporters have deep love for Brasil,…More

My love for Mohun Bagan (First Edition)

“You will be nearer to heaven playing football than studying the Bhagavad-Gita.”                                                                       -Swami Vivekananda[1] [This quotation is a part of Vivekananda’s book Lectures from Colombo to Almora, Chapter: The Work before us in 1897, while returning to India from the West, Vivekananda delivered a series of lectures. He delivered his first public lecture in the East at…More

Australian Supermarket & Duopoly (Last Chapters)

Kaustav Ghosh                                                           Chapter V                         Selling power (Duopoly) and buying power (Duopsony) The national supermarkets’ growing ability to dictate the price of goods sold affects consumers and food market pricing within communities. Concerns over the competitiveness of grocery prices in the concentrated supermarket sector were formally outlined in a 2008 public inquiry by the…More

Australian Supermarket & Duopoly (Chapter 4)

Kaustav Ghosh Chapter IV Company analysis and Marketing strategies: Coles vs Woolworths i)Cole’s core competencies. Highly Effective Supply Chain: Coles efficient supply chain is both a resource and a capability when it comes to company’s inbound and outbound logistics. The substantial cost saving techniques provided by the supply chain enables Coles to compete effectively with…More

Australian Supermarket & Duopoly (Chapter 3)

Kaustav Ghosh Chapter III Coles vs Woolworths A)Coles and Woolworths: history and criticisms – Since the 1960s, the food supply chain in Western nations has been increasingly controlled by retailers, following post-war economic changes and the deregulation of manufacturing and processing industries. The control that retailers exert over the food supply chain in Australia is…More

Australian Supermarket & Duopoly (Chapter 2)

Kaustav Ghosh Chapter II Race for the Best In this modern world supermarkets plays a significant role in the lives of millions of peoples of different of countries directly or indirectly. Australians in this regard not any exceptions. Specially after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic past 12 months or so, supermarkets have frequently made…More

Australian Supermarket & Duopoly (Chapter 1)

Kaustav Ghosh Abstract: – A supermarket is usually known as a large self-service shop offering a wide variety of food, beverages, and many types of household products, organized into various sections. This kind of store is the larger and wider version of earlier grocery stores. From the mid-twentieth century, supermarkets started their journey. In 1915…More