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Bankruptcy jurisprudence in Vedic Period

Bankruptcy, Insolvency, debt-these three words are not unknown to us today. There is Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 which deals with all that three words mentioned here and all those words connected thereto. But how the debt was administered, managed by the people and the administration in the Vedic period. What was the position of legal jurisprudence governing the debt at that time? Curious??Lets learn together. You can listen it in here:-

Islamic concept of bankruptcy

In this episode I have explained how islamic jurisprudence dealt with the debt and its repayment by mentioning ayats of holy quran and hadish. I have also mentioned the teachings of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). I have tried my level best to make you understand in a simplier way. Listen it here:-

Christian concept of Bankruptcy

In this episode I have discussed what and how debt was dealt by holy bible and what is the christian concept of bankruptcy. Many interesting points are there you really need to listen to.

Spanish poetry of Antonio Machado, Jose Marti, Idea Vilarino

I have tried to recite Spanish poetry written by Antonio Machado, Jose Marti, Idea Vilarino. I dont know spanish and how to pronounce spanish word. But still tried my level best because I love and respect every language. It comes from mother. Love from a bengali Indian.

Reciting Russian Poetry ‘WAIT FOR ME’

Reciting famous Russian poem “Wait for me” which was written by Konstantin Simonov in the year 1941 at that time when he left his love Valentina Serova behind to join world war 2.

‘Summer’ written by German poet Johan wolfgang von goethe

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