Constitutional Convention: Emergence of New India (Last Edition)

Kaustav Ghosh It all started here:- We have already discussed on the first and second edition of this article that how the constitution of some nation was formed in the constitutional convention held in their nation. From the definition to the history along with technicalities of the Constitutional convention has been already discussed. I have…More

Constitutional Convention:Emergence of New India(Second Edition)

History of constitutional convention:- We have already discussed in the previous edition that what is convention, what is constitutional convention and the whole procure relates to it. I have also mentioned how Constitutional Assembly and its idea was generated. A constituent assembly is a body of representatives which is composed for drafting a constitution. Mahatma…More


Kaustav Ghosh “Constitution is the collection of principles according to which the powers of government , the rights of the governed and relation between the two are adjusted”. -Woolsey1 Introduction:- In this world of technology and new invention everyone is well acquainted with the word ‘Constitution’. Specially those who are students of law, political science…More

Qualification Needs To Become a Minister: A Comparative Study to Find out the Missing Link [Published in the International Journal of law, Management, humanities;Volume 1 Issue 2, 2018]

Oxford dictionary defines Minister as head of the Government department. Merriam Webster says Minister is a high officer of state entrusted with the management of a division of governmental activities. Wikipedia’s view is- “A minister is a politician who holds public office in a national or regional government, making and implementing decisions on policies in conjunction with the other ministers. In some jurisdictions…More

Announcement [LAWETRY IS COMING]

Lawetry. It is a new form of poetry. You can define it as poetry on legal studies. You will find law, legal terms, experiments, research on this type of poetry. As I say law & more- this is it; for which I have started LAWET. Law, poetry, you and me.More