My experience with Code of Civil Procedure, 1908

Kaustav Ghosh

I will celebrate my 6 years birthday this November while I will be at 29. Yes, seriously. I am not kidding. On this 15/11/2022 I will officially complete my 6 years journey as Lawyer. I still remember that beautiful 5 years in the Department of Law, Hazra Campus, University of Calcutta. My best five years. Five years of lifetime friendship, learning, redemption. That five years made me an upgraded better version. Lets go to the topic. Code of Civil procedure was one of those law paper which used to haunt me. My father used to tell me that this book is like Bhagwat Gita/ Quran/ Bible for those practice in civil sides. It offers everything- procedure, types, function of court and in some cases prescribes punishment. Still I remember my struggle to remember section 11 of the Code of Civil Procedure; that is the definition of ‘Res-judicata’, my struggle to remember the order and rule number.

I still remember the lectures of my department, specially the ‘set off’ portion lectured by Jyotirmoy Adhikary sir. It still ring my ears. Still I have those class notes. But let me confess something today. Still it become intelligible when I left my law school and joined the civil court as intern. I started learning those sections, those orders and I am still learning this ever learning subject. I started understanding the line, the words of this statutes only when I started observing and experiencing the procedure of the civil court. I listen carefully all the arguments and note it down. It helped me a lot. Life is all about learning and as an advocate you learn it better from the day you want to learn from your heart, from the day you enter the temple of justice.

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