Constitutional Convention: Emergence of New India (Last Edition)

Kaustav Ghosh It all started here:- We have already discussed on the first and second edition of this article that how the constitution of some nation was formed in the constitutional convention held in their nation. From the definition to the history along with technicalities of the Constitutional convention has been already discussed. I have…More

Bengali Super hero

Kaustav Ghosh From my childhood to today, I love comics. Yes till today. I will read it in future with my future.. But I used to ask my grandmother, When I was a little one. When a bengali super hero will arrive. Like the Shaaktiman. Which comes every sunday in DD one. When I will…More

ভবিষ্যতের স্বপ্ন

কৌস্তভ ঘোষ আমাদের ভবিষ্যত প্রজন্ম অন্ধকারে থাকলে, আমাদের ভবিষ্যত কে গ্রাস করবে কাজল কালো অন্ধকার। কাল নিজেকে বাঁচাতে চাইলে আজ কে দিশা দেখাতে হবে, পাশে দাঁড়িয়ে থাকতে হবে। আমাদের ভবিষ্যত যাদের হাতে, শক্ত করতে হবে তাদের কচি হাতগুলো। আমাদের হাতে যে বর্তমান আছে তা বর্তমানে নষ্ট করলে,ভবিষ্যতের হাতে থাকা বর্তমান হয়ে যাবে মূল্যহীন। ওদের চোখে…More

Agony of lawyers

Kaustav Ghosh Lawyers- For some we are blood suckers. Demands money here and there. For some we are there to provide free service. Asking fees is a crime. Getting a loan is still a dream till- till you have become senior, or you have well paying client. To show you have a bank balance to…More


Kaustav ghosh When the threat of extinction dance upon the head, When life feels like very cheap. Talking about endangered. So many species gone, gone forever. Heartless and careless when come together Nothing will last. But nothing last forever, everything has validity But have you seen bestiality gone from animal?? It lies with him till…More

Constitutional Convention:Emergence of New India(Second Edition)

History of constitutional convention:- We have already discussed in the previous edition that what is convention, what is constitutional convention and the whole procure relates to it. I have also mentioned how Constitutional Assembly and its idea was generated. A constituent assembly is a body of representatives which is composed for drafting a constitution. Mahatma…More

Amar Bangla

Kaustav Ghosh Bangla, not only language- It cannot be only a language. The only language for which- People bleed, people died. Bangla- an emotion, a passion. Bangla, a dream which wakes you up. Bangla, which makes you believe- You can, you will; “You shall overcome”. Bangla means arise, awake and move forward- Bangla means flying…More


Kaustav Ghosh Who don’t wanna be famous? None. You, me, everyone. Everyone wants to get recognized. Not only from now, But from the time immemorial. We can find ‘Yasho dehi’ in the holy book Chandi. “Give us fames”. It is the prayer for the ages, Even from the sages. This is the age of information…More


Kaustav Ghosh The thing we have- But we forget. Forget to care, Forget to nurture, Forget to discuss, Forget that it is our integral part. Can you tell me? Guess? Anything?? Yes, I am talking about mental health. People find out easy to tag someone ‘mental’. Such tagging may question their mental health. May be…More

Circle of hatred

Kaustav ghosh People say everything starts with a family. Everything starts in a family. Yes, every good and bad things. Respect and hatred. Friendship and quarrel. If no, then tell me- How a child learned jealousy. None is born criminal. They learn it in the family, They know it in their surroundings. But how- How…More