Vedas, Spirituality, Science and Space

I am a lawyer, I had a background of science. I am writing this article to let this world know that science, spirituality walk together to complete and compliment each other. Following your faith by properly following your holy book, conducting research on it does not make you back dated. Only thing we should not…More

My favourite verses of Quran

Yes, you saw it right. Though my mother tongue is Bengali and my faith is hinduism, but I believe in the teachings of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa. All roads to God may look different, but the aim of each is reaching the ultimate truth. One may do it by any of the way shown by prophets,…More

Vedas and story of mine

I completed my higher secondary education (From Class V to Class XII) from Howrah Vivekananda Institution. When I was in my class V, I was introduced with Vedas, Upanishads in our morning prayer. Though I had started learning some shlokas from my grand father in my childhood, but this was completely new experience. The shlok…More