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Time flies

Kaustav Ghosh Time flies they said, But not as fast as 2023. I couldn’t realise. Kalu was there with me. Now today- 255 days without Kalu. 110 days of my teaching life So many medical emergency in a year. Still fighting it out. Figuring what is the next waiting? Waiting to test my patience? Just…

About Lawet and its Founder

About Me

Hello, I am Lawet alias Kaustav Ghosh. Law and Poetry, both are passion to me. The passion for itself motivated me to form LAWET, as I say Law, poetry, You and me. I have authored many law and poetry books and published many law articles with various national and international journal. Many more to come. I will keep learning.

About Lawet

Lawet is a podcast channel along with a blogging website. Lawet means law, poetry and more. Learning new thing has been my passion from my childhood. Lawet is that platform by which I want to learn, relearn and unlearn several things and want to share it with the world. My dream is to make this World free from racism, hatred, violence so that my future generation can live peacefully. But I all alone cannot make this world beautiful and safe, but together we can achieve any object.

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