Life of an independent practice professional

Kaustav Ghosh

Missing my court days today.


Before starting of our puja vacation we used have break up parties(read biriyani).

No, no biriyani is not the reason. Haha.

Yes, it is tough. A life of an advocate is not easy. Specially when an advocate had to fight for securing its own right, when there is no such social welfare scheme available for you, no father wants their daughter to marry you, no bank wants to give you loan and what not. But still you are not dependent except you.

It is a profession where even after so many arguments before court of law or outside you unitedly fight for each other. Where you stand for the black and white color.

Still remember those days a wonderful life of an independent practice professional-where either you make it or learn not to repeat any mistake in future; where you are fearless, where you do not need to care about anything except dedication, devotion to your work. In return you get not only money, but also trust, faith, blessing and client base.A profession where dedication, devotion never gets futile.

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