If I become teacher of law college

Kaustav Ghosh

Being a teacher alongwith researcher, it has been my dream from my childhood and I consider myself lucky as I have choose legal profession which is also my passion. At present I have applied for the post of Assistant Professor of Law at various law colleges and in private universities. Though yet to get back from them, today I am here to share what I have realised, felt and discovered in my short span of life. I feel this changes can be introduced and students also expect this little thing. By the way after so many weeks I am writing this long post and I hope you will pass your review.

The main motive of every educational institute should be always student centric and a sincere approach should be made to ensure there is no gap between student and teachers. If there is a gap, it is duty of the teachers to bridge the gap or atleast start its process.

It has been six years 10 month since my tenth semester exam and I saw two things in my life- Judges to forget their root of being advocates and teachers to forget the agony of being students. We believe in- “Guru Bramha, Guru Vishnu(Guru or teacher is the embodiment of god), “Yato dharmo stato jayo(Where is righteousness there is a victory)”, “Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha(He, who follow the path of righteouness will be protected by that same righteousness)” from the time immemorial but could not ensure its application. In this previously mentioned two scenario if we could end the vicious circle of suffering and burn the ice then we could see major positive changes in our society which will ensure major positive changes in the society.

Here I am sharing ten facts which I will use if I get a chance to taught students-
1) We need to ensure more engagement of students to the class and for this teachers may initiate mini seminar, paper presentation, more question & answer session.
2)While teaching in the classroom from the early stage we may teach the students format of research paper writing and the process of c.v making.
3) This is the era of social media and linkedin is a great platform to showcase their skill and promote ourselves as one of the great institution.
4) A dedicated team which may help students to choose the right path in their career and plan accordingly.
5) To check or look out if any students have less fluency in speaking and/or writing in English language and help them accordingly.
6) I pass out my graduation from Department of law, Hazra Campus, University of Calcutta and this is why I have realised one of the main difference between National Law University and other is a mindset. If we dream bigger and act smartly I strongly believe that one day time will come when we will set a new benchmark and legacy.
7) A dedicated mental health welfare section for teachers and student if can be constituted it will make history and will have not only great impact on the society but also a long term effect on socio-economic welfare.
8) While teaching in the classes teachers can choose a topic on which there may be a competition of abstract writing which will help the students a lot.
9)To constiute and start world class journal.
10) This world is evolving so does the subjects. We can introduce new arena of legal studies along with the mother subject so that in future all those students can cope up with it.

I have many more plans, I hope to discover many more reforms and believe to get a chance to execute it. Till then, keep following all the post of lawet.

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  1. Brilliant sir! Your purpose and your 10-point plan for the future of legal studies. I know you will succeed because you have a wonderfully positive attitude. I do love this: “Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha(He, who follow the path of righteouness will be protected by that same righteousness)”

    1. Thank you sir for your comment

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