Post Retirement Job and Advocate’s Right

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Kaustav Ghosh

Today just after eating my breakfast writing this important topic about ‘Advocate’s Right’. I had ate pastry today in the morning and reading an article of O.P Jindal global law school in linkedIn. I realised many things and wanted to share it for so long. So I thought today is the day to share what I have wanted to share for so long. The day is very near when we will see advocate’s right activist. The most under-priviledged group we are with no welfare scheme coming to us-neither from central nor from state. Banks decline our loan, no pension or any kind of retirement benefits, fathers do not want his daughter to get married with lawyers, no insurance scheme and counting. lawyers who fight for ensuring the protection of legal and constitutional right of the people but none ever looked at our problem; none fight for us.

Lawyers are always questionable for everything even if they have no faults. They have no protection coming from police, administration, legislature even if they also need lawyers to defend. We face threat, abuse here and there but like the lady justice none can see us, our problem.

I have taught, guided many law aspirants, students pro bono and saw many students after passing out from college joined other profession or employment; now a days the eligibility criteria has become passing from National law University only. Like either there are no other law colleges, universities in India or only NLU can be seen even if the bitter truth is some NLU does not have proper infrastructure.

I strongly oppose post retirement jobs for the judges as they have earned a good amount of salary and enjoy other benefits and after retirement they have many retirement benefits and this post retirement jobs may hamper or question their impartiality and integrity. In fact, the conditions of tribunal are nothing but very pathetic as per my personal experience, many case could not find short hearing date, some of it even got the date of next year. Along with this problem, many times member of the tribunal become absent for many days and there some bitter truth.

People become judges only after securing llb and passing the requirement of enrollment into the bar. But it is bitter truth that  after elevation to the benches they forget their root-#bar. How many judges have asked to the advocates about the infrastructure of the court like seating arrangement, proper hygienic bathroom specially for lady advocates, arrangement of drinking water and many other things.

After the 75 years of our independence, Lawyers will very soon need to fight for securing their basic human right.

To conclude I want to quote-

“धर्म एव हतो हन्ति धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः”.

The last line will echo this shloka, if we failed to protect the legal profession we should prepare for lawlessness in the society as young generation will not join in  this noble profession after seeing this struggle for existence.

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