We are 100 in youtube

Can you see a post link below??

1.2k view in 7 hours made 51 subscribers

I posted that on 10th of March, 2023. Today is 24th which means exactly two weeks gone. Life can be changed in a minute so does the same in those days. My journey with youtube-I had then just created one or more reel but within this two week I have created atleast 10 reel or more. I have created a reel on my beloved Mohun bagan, on my pet dog and last but not the least on the beauty of hinduism. This two week was the time for some experiment, I learnt to deal with copyright claim. I have learnt how to use famous music on reels in my video amd avoid any copyright claim. In this two weeks I have created only reel and tried different types of genre. I have learnt how to analyse the analytics in youtube.

Now my youtube journey got the blessings of 100 subscribers. On January and February, 2023 the number of the subscribers were 41 and within 24th days of March my channel saw 59 subscribers. My videos all together got more than 11k views and witnessed 63.3 watch hours. Really thank you for you for your support and for my muslim friends wishing you happy ramadan which we call in bengali রমজান। God bless you all.

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