1.2k view in 7 hours made 51 subscribers

Kaustav ghosh

Do you remember my noni? Our Prince Noni, son of the King Kalu. Noni is very naughty but darling to all of us. He is playful, but always behave like a puppy. He cannot see anyone in pain. He will come and give his paw to the person who is crying. May god bless him. I wrote a blog, infact mentioned two times and now I have made a reel on his playfulness in youtube. I really feeling hapy when I see that reel got 1.2k views in 7 hours..Crossing thousamd viewers within 7 hours itself a new record for me and for my channel.

This reel has ensured that I crossed my half century in the number of subscribers. You are my strength, my motivation. You are my fuel which will ensure the flow of new content. Thanks for everything. Thank you for your help. #lawetforu.

One of my video crossed 3k views. So, what I have learned in two months. In youtube and every field patience is a virtue. You need to have that temperament of test player who knows some hitting and/or innovative shots when it become necessary. One day success will come to kiss at your feet. Keep going so that you can keep growing.Failure should not stop you on believeing in yourself. You should not stop even if you have to walk alone. Now I am not a celebrity but still I am saying this in a hope that those words may help some needy person for the journey of its redemption.

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