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Kaustav Ghosh

All work no play makes jack a dull boy.

-An old proverb

Yes, I am making this confession. I play video games. I watch gaming videos in facebook. I have a big history of playing video games. Some of its story already is written and you can read it here-

But I have lot to offer in this category. I have lot of things to tell you. Yes, lot of things. I was writing many articles on sports, specially during the World Cup 2022. So I made a separate category on sports. It will or it had alteady helped my viewers to find or choose what they want, the right genre. So, I was thinking why not bring another new, though I have not started this category and only one article is there.

So, fasten your seat belt. If you are a video game lover, your wait will end very soon. I will bring it, I will bring everything I have about this area. I will bring some review. I will bring evolution or historical part and everything you have wanted.

So making it short to make big there. Last but not the least please search lawet in youtube and subscribe my channel.

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