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Kaustav Ghosh

I was a kid in the 90’s and I got nostalgic whenever I am asked to either tell those story or remember it. It was a nice time back then and for that reason I always felt lucky to born at that time. Whoever born between late 80’s to mid 90’s can relate to it because it was the eve of the modernization. So we could enjoy and saw those traditional, age old things along with modern equipment. Like when I was a kid- color tv, cable connection, computer, ac car, phones were a distant dream of maximum household. Frequent power cut forced us to use candle, kerosene lamp etc. Many things were unavailable. Update, upgrade was an unknown subject along with new variants or models of product. Though we slams or blame today’s kid about smart phone addiction along with affinity of video games but all those temptation, addiction took its shape from our generation only. We teach them, they learn from us- from our behaviour, habit etc. So, it is us to blame.

Today I will talk about the video games I used to play from my childhood, by the way this is not an affiliate marketing or any kind of sponsored post. Being a nostalgic person, I am just sharing my experience with my raders.

It was the summer time and I was probably a 4 year kid then. Thanks to my elder sister’s best friend, I got invitation for Eid-al-fitar. I heard that aunty has a secret recipes for Eid, so we went there. The smell of chicken biriyani was fantastic. By the way, I heard that her brother had a c.d of road rash game. So, I went there to ask whether I can play. He nodded yes and I got champion in that game. This is was the beginning of a never ending journey. Though this addiction was not absolutely my fault. Still I want to, love to play outdoor games but unfortunately my locality is very congested and there was no play ground where I can play any outdoor games such as cricket, football except the roof of my house. It was not enough. In a third world country it is not possible for everyone to dreamt of playing outdoor games on regular basis where sometimes earning basic requirements become challenging.

Then after some years computer and internet came, so cyber-cafe business was booming a lot. I saw many friends who used to visit those cyber cafe for playing GTA, Counter strike, EA cricket, FIFA, IGI and many more. Then came a new millennium, so I chose to play project IGI. One of my elder brother brought a new nokia phone on which I used to play snakes. Some years later I started playing Max payne, Call of duty, Medal of honor allied assault. Racing was also my favourite, so I loved all those need for speed game specially its hot pursuit, most wanted, underground 2. My father who hated all the video games, who used to play outdoor games whenever possible till now, loved the underground 2 versions. Though my addiction part was not started till now.

It all started when I started playing Max payne 2 and Age of Empires I, II and specially III version. It continued till my fourth year college life. Not only for strategy, but also or I can say mainly for its historical, political, administrative part I loved this game a lot. I learned many legal terms of international law such as blockade, embargo, embassy from this game. Due to pressure from study, work I stopped playing video games from 2015. At that time I don’t had a smart phone. I brought it in the October 2018 and from then I have played only FIFA mobiles, PUBG. But I do not like pubg. I miss those days when I used to play games. I miss those time, I miss my cycling. After recovering from ailments I hope that I can start a fresh- will start cycling, outdoor games. Last but not the least- gaming is good but addiction of anything is bad. It is you, who can by on your own can come back from any addiction. Best wishes from Lawet alias Kaustav.

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  1. Os anos 80 e os anos 90 foi muito bom, era a véspera da modernização dos eletrônicos. Nos deixava muitos alegres. Atualização era um assunto desconhecido junto com novas variantes ou modelos de produto.

  2. It’s like reading through my history of playing video games albeit in the 2000s. Age of Empires was THE game! Its soundtrack still gives me goosebumps and a comfy feeling of nostalgia.

    I remember the craze in my school for IGI and GTA games. We used to mug up cheat codes for San Andreas 😂 As for the case of Counter-Strike, it’s a timeless classic!

    1. Absolutely. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Awesome! Really liked your post. Im an avid player and teacher. I just published a post about video games and learning. I would love to hear your feedback.

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