My First Spiritual Teacher (Last Chapter)

Kaustav Ghosh

How are you today? From Howrah, India wishing you a very good morning. It is 10.20 a.m here now. So, I thought to ask you about your health. Specially after covid-19 hit, very few had become able to say that they are fine. But we are fighting; we will fight out. There is a Rabindra Sangeet-

“ব্যর্থ প্রাণের আবর্জনা পুড়িয়ে ফেলে আগুন জ্বালো ।
একলা রাতের অন্ধকারে আমি চাই পথের আলো ॥”

It means when you burn down every wound, every failure of your life-only then that fire will be able to light you up. It will give you the fuel to walk, irrespective how many persons are with you.

So let’s start today’s proceedings. You have met that person already- yes, I am talking about my first spiritual teacher, my grand father. You have not? Then here is the first chapter for you-

The first teaching of spirituality started when I was in the womb. My mother used to chant mantras, read holy books for me and it is a hindu belief that it has a great impact to unborn baby. So I born on 13th March, 1993. But it took me two years to speak a single word. But I was a watchful person from my childhood and I used to see pujas, mantras chanted in my house regularly. So when I started to speak, I learned it first. Story of Ramayana, Mahabharata was the bedtime stories told by my grandfather. I learned Dhyan mantra of Lord Krishna when I was 3 years old and from then I used to chant this-

Om Namo Brahmannya Devaaya Go-Braahmanna Hitaaya Ca |
Jagat Hitaaya Krssnnaaya Govindaaya Namo Namah

My grandfather was retired headmaster and another fact is my great grandfather completed B.A (English Hons) in 1893, my grandfather did B.A honors in English approximately in 1932, my father did his B.A honors in English in 1972. My grandfather prepared a strong base and my father build a strong house of english literature and instilled in me.

Primary school named after our great grandfather Satish Chandra Ghosh in Udaynarayanpur, Howrah

Back to the spiritual teaching, I learned Gita, Vedas, Ramayana, Mahabharata and learned to respect all religious faith. I learned doing puja when I was three years old, learned meditation when I was five years old, started drawing of ma kali from 6 to 7 years old, learned basic of Sanskrit in 8 years old. I never stopped there- started to read the story from TRIPITAK, started to read about Zarathustra, Jesus and Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). I will continue this learning journey till I have last breathe left. That is why I started LAWET, so that I can learn from you- to learn, relearn and unlearn. #lawetforu

The journey with my grandfather could not last a decade, he left me so soon. I still miss him a lot. But his learning I will never forget; will carry it with me and try to spread with as much people possible.

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