My First spiritual teacher(First Chapter)

Kaustav Ghosh

Sorry for late upload. It is 11.15 pm here in Kolkata, India. I was just looking for something new to give you. You know when I was young, I tried to draw ma kali. I used to meditate from my childhood. But how I got into this. Who taught me, who was my first spiritual teacher.

I can never forget that day-30/12/2002. It has been two decades of losing my grand father. He left to his heavenly abode infront of my eyes. I was then just a student of class IV, who lost his maternal grandmother 116 days ago. But this day 20 years ago- it was the first instance when I saw death very near. It was scary and terrible.

Another 30th December is coming. That horror day which took not only my grand father but also my first spiritual teacher. But it is not end here, in the next chapter I will tell you the full story. I hope that the soul of my grand father reached heaven and I promise oneday I will make him proud.

My grandfather in his thirties@1945

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