301 Days Special:The First poem

Today my LAWET, your LAWET completes 301 days. The struggle, the fight, the dream to make it big is on. LAWET needs your blessing, your support so that it can continue its journey. It was my long standing wish to start something but at that I do not had any idea how to start it.

First I thought the name of the brand/start up/ new journey would be poetic justice but while plainning for publishing a poetry book I changed my mind. I always want the name something unique but the word should define me. I do not know whether LAWET will get any success but I have successfully completed two steps. Everyone dream but very very little could dared to start its journey, so I set my foot on the first step. Second is whatever may be the result, success or failure; I will not stop, will not compromise. Lawet is what I love doing, lawet is what my passion is all about. You should do what makes you feel happy and I am doing it.

This is a reblog post but I am making it an individual post with a link. Yes, it is the first poetry which I had posted it on Lawet. It still remain fresh in my mind. I gave the title-‘Insecurity’. Everyone has it, so have I.

I tried to write it after touching so many dimension. Do read and share your comments. If you want to help me, you can buy my book and there are many more books in que. I am exploring, experimenting myself and thus I am assuring you that something great is definitely coming your way. Just need your support. Thanks for everything. Do read Insecurity.


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