It all starts with a wound,

That is so fatal and haunting.

Like everyday its becoming worse.

Those nightmare keeps haunting back,

Even if there is nothing left-

To lose, to gain.

Even if it will never happen in future,

But the gravity of the wound makes it difficult.

To live in the present, to see the clear future.

But they cannot see, They live in the history.

These all brings the insecurity-

Insecurity of losing everything.

Losing its own identity, language and religion.

Losing its culture and many more, upon whom we fear.

Many has lost its dear from its near.

But we will fight back.

We will get over from the trauma.

We will have a future like a blue sky.

Only when we open the wounds for healing.

Have you checked the word ‘Insecurity’.

It is the lock, it is the key.

When none will instill the fear,

When someone will wipe your tear.

When none will live in the past,

When none will exploit the trust.

When all the insecurity will cease,

There will be peace, peace and peace.

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