Happy vijaya dashami

Kaustav Ghosh

Today is the last day of the bengali’s biggest festival.Today is Vijaya Dashami. We, bengalis wait for 360 days for this five days. Durgapuja is not just a religious festival, it is more than that,it is beyond that. Today ma durga will be immersed at the ganges or any other river, pond etc. For bengalis ma durga is our daughter and she is coming from her husband’s house for four days.

Durgapuja is not just a puja, it is celebration of her homecoming. It is the celebration of motherhood, it is the celebration of art and culture worldwild amongst the bengalis. Today there will be sidur khela, it is like bid adieu to ma and asking her to please come back next year. Happy Vijaya Dashami. From today onwards there will be countdown for next year’s durgapuja.

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