Self Realization

Sitaramdas Omkarnath

When the mind and intellect gets purified by the effect of austerity(Tapasya), the radiant soul becomes revealed to the mind and intellect, this is called Atmadarshana; the soul can’t be seen by this natural eye.

The real nature of human is Soul, which is beyond the Sthula(gross)- Sukshma(subtle)-Karana (ignorance of ‘I am Body’) embodiments. As long as people don’t realize this soul, don’t know ‘ I am not the body’ properly, the journey of sorrow and pain will not go away.

In this birth, in this body you will be Self-realized. Sattvic pure food, timely worshipping,Swadhyaya (study of divine literature), Satsanga, daily Chanting – only matters, nothing else!

Every morning, midday and evening you will feel your true Self. It’s not the thing that you will own this gratification in any distant future, you will always get absolute happiness in this world itself. You will remain liberated inspite of existing in this Samsara.

We have a clue of the Soul. It is the ear of the ear, that is the acoustics of the ear, the speech of the tongue, the breath of the breath. Ears, eyes are the abode of the senses, the power of vision is the soul.

How this Self-realization would happen? The Guru graciously gives the Mantra, while chanting that Mantra the soul is manifested internally in the form of Naad( divine sound) and Jyoti(divine light), then gradually the perception of “I am the body” disappears. The living being is immersed in joy, liberated from the material world.

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