Kalu’s Home coming day

Kaustav Ghosh

14th August, 2014.

On that Kalu entered my house for having some food. From the first week of that August 2014, I found a dog with black and white skin being very playful. But we came to know that he was abandoned due to his previous owner had a transferable job. But being in the house from very early age,it was very tough for him to cope up with the street, the people and other dogs in the road. It was very tough job to fight against hunger, malnutrition and to survive against all odds after being abandoned. His skin was very shiny and thus he gain very quick attention from the public and from other dogs(specially female dogs). He was just roaming around like every day and today 9 years ago he came to our house for food; from the first instance his love, his smile win our heart. On that day first time I pronounced the name ‘Kalu’. I never thought this year on this day Kalu will not be with us. He went too soon. Sharing previous year’s photo of him(14/08/2022)-

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