My youtube channel got deleted

Kaustav Ghosh

I have started my youtube journey just six months ago and I am still figuring it out how to run a channel. I am a learner and still learning the aspect of copyright strike.

Lawet from its beginning was not about only law, poetry but includes my passion on many subjects. I have started Lawet as my platform to showcase my passion. As I love sports, I love to talk about social issue, religio and many other things.

I love football, cricket and sporting event; from my school life found so many videos, shorts in both youtube channel and social media which contains highlights, clippings of this beautiful game of cricket. That inspire me to upload this shorts in youtube.This made me disable my youtube channel.

Will it stop my youtube journey forever?? Absolutely not. I will be back with either lawet or in any other name in youtube. Thank you for your support. Enjoy your last day of july.

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