My days in Durgapur

Kaustav Ghosh

I went to durgapur last week. It was just after my blood test on 18/07/2023 here in Belepole Lal path lab. My experience there with the phlebetomist was not good; though that person could manage to collect blood after adding pressure in my vein. It was painful but I was hoping that report will be ok. But it was not, so next day I hurried to Durgapur for my health check up. My uncle is a doctor in Mission Hospital, Durgapur. I booked a ticket of Howrah-Patha Jansatabdi express and reached 175 km within two hours. My uncle already booked an appointment for the next day for consultation and health check up with a specialist doctor, he took care of everything. In the meantime I have visited nearby tourist places, such as city centre, junction mall and Jagannath temple. While staying in durgapur, I tried learning car driving. Before my scan I went to Nandikeshwari and Tarapith for praying my speedy recovery. I hope that I will be on your prayers.

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  1. Great blog post! I really enjoyed reading about your experiences in Durgapur. It sounds like a fascinating place with so much to explore. Thanks for sharing your insights and giving me a glimpse into your days there!
    Have A Great Day Ahead – Melissa

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