Random talk Part Three

Kaustav Ghosh

Hello today. Today completed another 100 streak. It is the second time I have completed 100 days streak that means serving you with my various blog for continuous 100 days. It was started on April 2022 when I have posted continuously for 76 days. Second one started from 3rd December 2022 and ended its 110 days streak when my pet,my best friend Kalu left to cross rainbow bridge. I miss kalu very much. Only memory remains and the love for him.

It took some time but I started again-for the sake of my love for kalu. I had to fight back for Lali, Kali, Noni as he left their duty upon us. To love them, to give them the care they need and deserve, to protect them with our life-Kalu, do not worry. I will keep all the promise I had made then to you.

Today it is the 100th day of my come back, coming back from that trauma, 110th days since my Kalu left. All total third streak, back to back 100 days streak, second time 100 days streak and I hope that it will last atleast 365 days.

So many targets are yet to be fulfilled. Fight is on, lawet is there for you. June month was all about posting photos, but in this month of July it was only for first two days. Non stop 17 days providing you various content that too on spirituality. This will continue unless or untill I found some photo very meaningful and worth posting in this website for you. God bless you, to learn many more things together(forever).

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