401st Post

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Kaustav Ghosh

Hello friends, Good noon.

This is my 401st post for you. For the last 17 months, I have been posting various content on various categories. This month most of my post was on hindu philosophy and principle and loved to share the inclusiveness of hinduism. Like it is flexible as it is believe unless or until the change is coming from internally no other force can change you, lead you to the spirituality; even if you start practicing or imitating the same.

People who believes in monotheism, atheism and polytheism can peacefully co-exist under one umbrella, that is hinduism. Hindus believed that various forms are nothing but the form of that formless, omnipotent, supreme God and God is one. We believe that it is the divine play of that one God to become many from one and one from many.

It is a broad, liberal and secular philosophy but it also believes to resist against atrocities, injustice, hatred; it also ask us to fight against spreading false propaganda.

Here is one stat for you-

Only one post reached beyond thousand view that is-

This post has overall 1244 views and counting.

If you are new in this blog you may also like to read or go through this post. Many people across the globe felt connected with the same.

As I always say many more to come, thank you. It is you, who made me believe on myself, who give me strength to never stop or give up. Dedicating 401st post to you, with you, for you.

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