My favourite Shyama Sangeet

goddess kali shiva in close up photography

Kaustav ghosh

Shyama Sangeet, is a special devotional song dedicated ma kali and her various form. So many great poets cum worshippers born in Bengal who wrote Shyama Sangeet-Ramprasad Sen, Kamalakanta, Kazi Najrul Islam are amongst them. Their song described Sakta Philosophy(One sects of hinduism who worship goddess Sakti and her various form). ‘Sakoli tomari Ichche’ wrote by Ramprasad Sen is my all time favourite shyama sangeet, from my childhood. I am sharing its translation version with you-

“Everything is your will mother, Star container of will you are,
You do your work mother, people call it my doing. Elephants sink in swamp, while handicapped traverse mountains. One is given the path of enlightment, another is given the path of downfall. I am the machine, You are the user; I am the house, you the Spirit dwelling there. I am the chariot, you the charioteer; the way you drive, that way I walk.

 O Mother, all is done after Thine own sweet will, Thou art in truth self-willed, Redeemer of mankind! Thou work Thine own work; men only call it theirs. Thou it is that hold the elephant in the mire; Thou, that helpest the lame man scale the loftiest hill. On some Thou dost bestow the bliss of Brahmanhood; Yet others Thou dost hurl into this world below. Thou art the Moving Force, and I the mere machine; The house am I and Thou the Spirit dwelling there; I am the chariot, and Thou the charioteer. I move only as Thou, O Mother, move me.1



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