Sitaramdas Omkarnath and his blissful message

Kaustav Ghosh

Sitaramdas Omkarnath,a great hindu saint of India, one of the great master of spirituality, still remain with us even after 41 years of his death. You know how? By his guidance in his words,books etc, by his blessings.Sitaramdas Omkarnath wrote more than 150 books to promote the essence of Indian scriptures, built more than 60 temples and ashrams all across India, and founded His spiritual organisation Akhil Bharat Jaiguru Sampradaya, established many groups, temples, mutts, both within and outside the Sampraday— and was also the initiator of multiple magazines like Pather AloDevjanJaiGuruArya NariParamananda, and The Mother.

Sitaram’s message-
Anantashree Thakur Sitaramdas Omkarnathdev states in His book ‘Abhay Amrita’—
‘After traversing through the births of animals, birds, trees, climbers, insects , worms, men women etc—an entangled soul suffers birth after birth and becomes exhausted, and then he cries out helplessly—“Oh, who is there? I am very tired. I am surrendering to You.” Then one cries with such craving and yearning, then the Lord comes in the form of Guru and assures—“What happened? Why are you crying? Come, I will take you to the Kingdom of Light. Come to Me, Fear Not—why are you afraid?”…’

Bliss is not there in material pleasure, Bliss resides in restraint, renunciation, spiritual practice. Not only saints, any men of women should have self restraint, control on diet, and have faith in Lord– by this, they will be blessed.”

Thakur Sitaramdas Omkarnath said it on “Amritabindu”-

“The easy Path for Kaliyuga is comprised of Nam [chanting Holy Name], Leelachinta [contemplating leelas], Suddha Ahar [holy diet], Brahmacharya [celibacy]. By regular chanting and Leelachinta, the stage of ‘Mantra Laya’ is reached. For example, someone’s Mantra is ‘Ram’—by uttering ‘Raaaam’, Mantra blends in Omkar—the ability to utter the Mantra ceases. Gradually, chanting worshipping recitals all these depart. While reciting Sri Sri Chandi, profuse tears are shed, and Chandi Path gets interrupted. The devotee dwells with wet eyes and thrilled body in bliss. Bhava Samadhi stage is reached. He has nothing of his own—ultimately, all his Karmas are nullified, he gets vision of Lord and gets immersed in divine ecstasy [Mahabhava]. For such devotee, his only prayer is to serve the Lord. Devotees desire is ‘I will come and I will return, for serving Your holy feet, and to attain divine Love’.
Such a devotee remains in this world with servitude and Nam. Then, via Devjan, he ascends to Vaikuntha or Goloka to dwell with his aspired service to Lord.”

Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnathdev says:

“There is nothing but ‘Naam’ in the whole universe,
God Himself comes down as his beloved ‘Naam’.
As the ‘Apara Prakriti’ [manifest nature],
He appears as everything visible or perceptible,
He is ‘Nirguna’, He is ‘Saguna’, He is the un-manifest ‘Purusha’.
He is also known as the ‘Apara’ [manifest] ‘Prakriti’ [nature]
and ‘Kshetra’ [body].
As the ‘Para’ [supreme] ‘Prakriti’ [life force or ‘Shakti’],
He is identical with ‘Omkar’.
By ‘Panchikaran’ [i.e. mixing in proper proportions],
the ‘Bhutas’ form the gross material world.
Without ‘Panchikaran’, they remain as fine bodies [not
perceptible by the senses].”

“Man is born with the sins and virtues accumulated over past lives, and these past deeds are nullified in various ways—everythings is His grace. Joy sorrow, health illness, good bad—one follows the other. Always try to think of Lord. Don’t forget that whatever He has done and will do, is for welfare— let this principle be the asset of your life.
Amidst all ways, My NAAM is the most important way. Those who chant My Name always, need not worry about anything. I bear all responsibilities for them…”

I hope the golden words of Sitaramdasji may help all the lost soul so that they can walk again in the light.

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