Atlast I went to Puri

Kaustav Ghosh

Hello friends, how are you doing?

I hope that you all are well. Remember I posted many things on Lord Jagannath. From February 2022, lawet started its journey and I have stated it multiple time that how I miss visiting Puri. My last visit to Puri was in rathyatra,2019. It was in the year of 2019 when I went outside my native state, West Bengal last time. Though 2020, 2021 saw covid uprising; but I could not get the darshan of Mahapravu Lord Jagannath in 2022.

From 2022 I have continuously wrote how I miss visiting Puri, witnessing rathyatra. I cried lots of time, I beg the Lord to give me a chance to visit him. You may find it in my many post in lawet. This year on 20th June, I had witnessed a magic.

By the way have you seen my last two post-‘Sea:My photography’ and ‘Want to try some’??

If you have followed those post you may have guessed that I went to puri or any place where people visit to enjoy sea-beach, food and etc. People who are following my blog regularly for long knows that Puri is very close to my heart, they knows that how keen I was to visit this place, they knows that Puri is wrapped with spirituality, emotion, love, devotion and passion for me. They may have guessed that I went to Puri, this year as Lord has stopped my wait.

Like the last three years, I was watching live rathyatra in odiya news channel in this 20th of June, 2023. I was feeling low, crying as I was thinking that even this year I could not visit the Lord in Puri. I was praying and asking te Lord that when my wait will be over. People used to book their berth 120 days before their scheduled date of departure in the railways to ensure confirm ticket to visit Puri this time of the year, even tatkal ticket go got sold out within 15 minutes. But Lord has other plan for me, this time he accepts my prayer. 18409 up Jagannath express schedule to depart from Shalimar station on 19.05 p.m and I managed to book a ticket of this train on that same date just before four hours of its schedule departure.

All went so fast that even today I felt like a dream. But yes, I visited and meet my lord as he alongwith his elder brother and sister was in their chariot. I pull the rope of that chariot, chant his holy name. I offer my devotion and puja to the Lord. I brought khaja and other sweet prasadam of the lord to my home, I took his prasad. As I can say, atlast I went to Puri.

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