The Unfinished business

Kaustav Ghosh

Today is the first day of June. Only thirty daya to go to end the half yearly journey. As I have told you several times from the January, 2023 that my target is to finish all the unfinished business this year and first of them was to write 12 books. Approximately 152 days gone and I am still very much lagging behind. One has been completed but still eleven to go. This is only one side. By the way this blog post will not have another paragraph; whole blog post will be compiled into a single paragraph. It is another experiment from my side. This month will decide many things in my life. It will even decide whether I will be able to visit puri this year in the time of rathyatra or any other time. It has been due for very long time, as you know my last visit to puri was in the time of rathyatra, 2019. Though I want to visit tarakeswar, tarapith this year; but it is true that I have visited this two places atleast once within last four years. Though that visit was for very short time and thus that tour could not quench my thirst. In the mean time I want to focus, keep calm so that in the end I can finish all the unfinished business. This will help me to do lot of extra things, which might help me to grow. Yes, you can treat this blog post as today’s diary. You can even treat this blog post as random talk category. I know that every experiment may not become successful, but for success there is no shortcut. You need to try, try differently so that success could kiss your feet. So the time has come when I have to fix my target, to check and/or recheck my to do list; synchronise the issues of my life-personal, financial and what not. Lastly I want to say, Lawet will need your help, support so that it can contribute large for the society. The aim is to connect and left a great impact before I left this world.

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