Kaustav Ghosh

See the title.


It is the number of the followers in wordpress. 251 followers+8 email followers. Yes, I reached this a weeks ago.

Today is the last day of the month and we have 30 days more which will end the half of the year. So, its time for us to set a target, to plan and utilise the rest of the year.

To start a fresh, to start something new. To move atleast an inch closer to your goal. Atleast thousand followers in wordpress, but the target is to reach more and more. To take Lawet to all the virgin land, till now it could enter into the heart of the people of 175 territories. To reach every corner of this world, to inspire them, to mutually share whatever we have-knowledge, language,culture, wisdom and what not.

It is a moment to cherish, cherish every moment. I hope and pray that in the coming day Lawet may get bigger and bigger-bigger space in your heart and bigger contributor in the society. Thanks for everything.

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