My 350th post is Obituary

Kaustav Ghosh

Hello friends.

Good morning from India.

Today I am writing 351st post in Lawet. Yesterday I touch 350 posts, a milestone within its 470 days. I discovered it today while checking the stats and reports.

I have never ever thought on this special day I will get the news from my dear friend Nurul hasan that his father is no more. I still remember it was 2012 when I first met him, I can never forget the showering of love and care upon me. I cannot forget your hospitality everytime specially at the time of iftar. Even on his death bed he was telling others to prepare meal for me. He treated me like his child.

Whenever he met me, he always asked me about my well being, asked me about my family. I still remember his golden words about his life, teaching, prophet Muhammad(Pbuh) and his respect for all the religions. I hope that I can spread his words to the world. I hope that I can build a world where his grand-sons and grand-daughters will be safe and reach a greater height in life. I will miss you and remember you always alauddin uncle. I pray that you may get the highest heaven after life. I could write many more things, but at present I am speechless. It is a great loss-for Nurul and for me.

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