Some Random Talk

Kaustav Ghosh

Some random talk. First time in Lawet. If I got your support and love for this article, there will be definitely more in the future. What is random talk? It is mainly on an undecided topic and to sum up you can say that a discussion on any topic comes to my mind on a certain period of time.

Every month I tried to try something new-experiment and exploring certain things. Sometimes those are uncertain; no no, it is not about the article. It is about the topic.

Another thing I forget to mention that when I will write on this genre there will be atleast three topic which is not at all co-related with each other. Like a newspaper, so many categories in a single newspaper. Let’s start.

Afc Asia cup football which was scheduled to be held in 2023, will be held in January, 2024. This year football season in India will start from July, 2023. The first and second tournament where Mohunbagan will start their campaign will be century old Durand cup and Calcutta football league. Mohunbagan will also play Afc cup playoff this season in July, 2023. There is also a strong rumour that Mohun bagan had initial talk with legendary club Barcelona for youth development programme. Lets hope that two legendary club joins together for bringing new dawn in Asian football.

Indian cricket team will play World Test Championship final against Australia in Oval,U.k in this month of June. Asia cup cricket and World cup cricket will be held in the late months of this 2023. Specially we are already excited about this year’s cricketworld cup which is scheduled to be held in India on and from October, 2023. I hope that India will be crowned as World Test champion, Asia champion, World cup Champion this year and will rule the cricketing world.

Next is do you love science fiction, I love it a lot. But in science fiction, I used to add two tablespoon of spirituality. Gyanganj, which is also known as Sangrila, a place where death never enters. It is a place of fourth dimension. Nobody will be able to see or find this place unless or untill it possess huge amount of spiritual power and siddhi(Great wisdom).

Lastly I feel ecstatic to see your response on my articles-“Favourite shlokas of Ashtavakra Gita”. I will bring my favourite shlokas on other hindu text, sastras and commentaries in future. Just a beginning to experience something special and it is my promise that you will find gem in the every word of the shlikas. Meet you on another segment. Till then, take care.Have a great day.

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