The best gift you can give to me are book and namabali

Kaustav Ghosh

Eeveryone loves a gift or treat, it is their personal choice. Some people loves a watch irrespective of its price, some people loves only branded product. Many likes to have various types of clothes, accessories. Many love books, many love to have various types of foods.

If you want to give me some gift(though the best gift one can give are love, blessing and time)are books on travelling historical, religious places, books on religion and spirituality. Another thing I love most is wearing namabali. Look at this photo-

This is namabali. In this photo you can see “Namabali” is one type of clothe where holy name of Lord, holy sign and his photo has been printed. The color of this “Namabali” usually can be found in saffron, white and fiery orange. If you are a true devotee or a spiritual person you can feel a heat, loads of positive energy whenever you wear this; like you are getting the blessing. This is why you can even got the protection from negative energy while doing spuritual things. But you can only wear it in the time of worshipping the God or chanting holy name of the Lord. There are various types of upasanas and you can start any if you want proceed more towards the depth of your spiritual journey. May Lord bless you. Hare Krishna. Rathyatra 2023 is coming and kindly pray for me so that I can visit puri this time after four years. It has been pending for long-pandemic, health issues, personal issues restrained me for so long. But I hope this zinx will end. I hope that I can visit puri along with Kolkata Rathyatra organised by ISCON, Mahesh rathyatra and Mahishadal. To hug you and to touch the thread of your chariot in 2019 oh Lord, I felt ecstatic. You gave me a chance to put abir in your face and to offer a garland in Shyamrai temple, Kalighat Jagannath while you are in dolna. I hope 2023 will give wil give me a chance so that I will be able to visit you in Puri. May lord shower all of its blessings upon all the visitor of this website. Jay jagannath.

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