The Ruins, History and Bengal

Kaustav Ghosh

You can see this photo-this is Ballal Dhipi or Mount of Ballal Sen. Ballal sen of was one of the emperor of Sen dynasty who ruled bengal from 1160 a.d-1179 a.d. The origin of the Sen dynasty traced to present days Karnataka State of India. His empire consists of present days West Bengal Assam,Bihar, Jharkhand and some part of northern state of India alongwith present days Bangladesh nation. He ended the mighty Emperor of Pal dynastasty Govindapal and it is important to note that Pal empire were known for their fearsome war elephants and naval ships. Ballala Sena married Ramadevi a princess of the Western Chalukya Dynasty which indicates that the Sena rulers maintained close social contact with south India. It is believed that he proceeded to delhi tand become emperor of whole India. Nadia(Read Nabadwip city) was the then seat of power/throne/capital of their empire. For this reason many historians believe that this ruins are the part of the palace of sen dynasty which was destroyed by Bakhtiar khilji of Ghurid dynasty. But stucco heads, terracotta human and animal figurines, copper utensils and other objects could found from the ruins. Archaeologists found a superimposition of structure, meaning that the structure on top was built over an earlier one. The upper remains, dating back to the 12th century CE, were built over an earlier structure dating back to the 8th and 9th century CE. Some historians opine the ruins to be remains of the lost city of Vijapur, the capital of the Sen Dynasty. Vijapur, founded by Vijay Sen , father of Ballal Sen, was an advanced urban centre and a metropolis of the Sens. Some historians also opine that this ruin or the mound of ballal sen can be a buddhist stupa or Vihar like Vikramsila. No body could settled into a single conclusion, but we have not stopped to find out the history. I hope that there will be more excavation and in future we will bring out every history which is hidden.

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