208 strong family in Youtube

Kaustav Ghosh

With your blessing and support, I could cross 200 subscribers this month. All total 208 and I believe that if I get your support it will soon cross thousand. Four months youtube journey can be divided into two- first two month I used to upload videos and after that I make it ‘shorts’. Those shorts are mainly on hinduism, cricket and my pet dog. This month I saw highest viewers (3001 views) in shorts and that 2.9k views within one hour. I uploaded a video on Kalu, that video was recorded just before one month of his death. I never thought this year I will lose him. Losing a pet is very painful and for that reason many could not dare to pet someone again. We know that death is inevitable but our fury friend spends few time in the earth and suddenly they cross that rainbow bridge.

By the way, I am here requesting you to kindly subscribe my youtube channel. Many more to come. I will improve every day and will not disappoint you.

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