Lawet needs you to survive

Kaustav Ghosh

Thank you.

One year has been passed and really overwhelmed to see when you shower your live and trust. By my blog, I am trying to being the different, trying to bring the difference. I am doing it with the help of my writing. I do not know how much I could but I can say I am trying from the core of my heart; I am trying my level best to bring the change I want to see.

You my dear readers have been the best companion who were beside me in the ups and downs of my blogging journey. I have never ever thought that I will get back so much love and responses and you have ensured ny lawet has reached 170 nation/state/territories within its 15 months.

You saw many sides of me, you saw my side of a explorer. You smiled, cried with me. Your prayer has been my strength in this journey.

I dreamt more and I have share it with you. I have dream to work and preserve languages which is not limited to India. I have a vision for bengal and bengali community. In this process I as a human being and author/writer I will definitely improve day by day. For all of this lawet needs to survive. But lawet has its maintenance cost which is increasing day by day. At present I am at dire need for donation and I will be happy even if you can give me 10 cent.

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