Crossed 150 subscribers in youtube

Kaustav Ghosh

Hello guys. A good news.

Yesterday, I crossed 150 subscribers in youtube.

From the day when I upload first video, I got most responses. If you rank on the criteria of most responses, first will be youtube, second Quora, third pinterest, fourth linkedin, fifth my blogging website, then least in facebook.

All total 59 videos I have uploaded and got the most responses in one video of Katwa ferry(6k+). Second best is Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s short all though it has most views in short categories(2.8k+), Third is video on cricket God Sachin with 1.5k+ view though it will rank second in shorts category.

I got 90 subscribers in this month of march, 2023.

If we analyse the watch hour it is altogether 106.3 hours and for videos it is 50 hour. All the videos have altogether 22363 views and out of all the views, all the shorts I have uploaded have of 14k+ views. I hope by using the platform of youtube I will be able to reach more and more people and I hope that we will be able to mutually share our learnings.

Thank you and as I say #lawetforu.

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