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Kaustav Ghosh

Remember my “Convo with Apricus”?

It was an interview telecasted in youtube.

You can read that details below:-

This initiative was taken by Apricus e learning solution private limited and as an reviewer of their esteemed journal my interview was the first video of their youtube channel, I tried. That first episode very soon crossed 1k views and till now the highest. The journey just set sail on that day.

We are coming up again with the new topic, new discussions and this time we will discuss on the very important topic “The Problems faced by Non-NLU students” in the next episode of Convo With Apricus on our You tube Channel

If any question is coming to your mind regarding the topic, do send us asap. We will discuss it for a fruitful, enriching and informative session.
You can send the questions directly to-

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