The Beauty of Death

Kaustav Ghosh

What is most beautiful?

Nature, animals, wealth, health, food?

It depends on the perspective.

They said “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”.

For me it is the death which is beautiful.

The most beautiful gift of God.

But people fears it.

Infact it is not the death,

It is that loneliness.

It is that fear of missing out.

It is that fear of  being untraced-

Untraced in the midst of a crowd,

Untraced in the midst of a shadow.

Untraced in the presence of everyone.

Life gives full of pain.

Physical or mental.

Some pain even pierce the soul-

It may be in form of life long regret.

It may be in form of guilt.

I say it hell personified.

Death took away all the pain,

It took away all the sufferings.

Death is beautiful only when you die once.

Dying everyday is the biggest hell.

Even lucifer fears it.

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