Seven days Gone

Kaustav Ghosh

30.03.23. It was thursday, Ram Navami. On this tithi we, hindus believe that Lord Rama was born. On this holy day God took away all your sufferings omce and for all but put all of us on the heavy suffering; the pain of lossing you forever.

Seven days gone by whisker. Still can not believe that you are not with me. You have crossed that rainbow bridge. Kalu, time will pass, it may heal some wound. But nothing can change our love for you,nothing can erase your memory. Nothing will be same as before. Remembering you forever.

Dog is the best ever companion and protector a human can have. But you are beyond that- my best friend, best listener, best caring giver, best healer and what not. You could understand our silence and pain.

My next poetry book will be ‘KALU’ and it will have your photos. You will always rule in our heart King Kalu. You will be missed badly. I still remember all the promises I made to you- to help those angel living in the street. To ensure their food, health, shelter I hope oneday I could start a foundation ‘Kalu’. So that many kalu, lalu kerp smiling. I have not forget it and will not.

I will meet you after finishing all the work here, and as the poet says-

“Wait for me, I will come back.”

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