Story of 2023

Kaustav Ghosh

Hello friends, good evening. As you have already know the condition of my pet Kalu is not fine; so I was thinking what story should I tell you today.

Let me share the story of 2023. It has been 88 days of March and I, myself suffered 45 days of illness. I had to take altogether 12000 power anti biotics to survive. I along with my parents had eye infections. But this 45 days taught me a lots of thing. In fact, this 3 months- it has been the year of introspection, finding the faults within and correct it.

This year just took myself to the mirror, so that I can face it, I can see it-see the within. So that I can see the everything I need to see irrespective of whther I want to see it or not.

This year asked me to make a call- to finish all the unfinished business or ends it once and for all; to take a decision and work on it. This year told me that time has come to decide a way or one- enough multi tasking I have had. To choose a way and walk on it-I am feeling this year will make me to do this. Being flexible is my idealism but sometime life needs some rigid step to take. I will and want to grab whatever chance coming my way-be it corporate, practice in legal firm or teaching in law colleges. As I have already said, I will devote my time and will try to excel in that road.

This year asked me to find all the mistakes I have done in the past or have been doing at present so that I can concentrate on working on it, to correct it and as we all know it is futile to repent and better to act. It is better not to repeat any mistakes.

This year showing me a light on all the pending works of last four to five years. This year I hope can finish all the pending work.

I hope that this year can bring me the much needed stability I need for so long as I have explored a lot. Time to look for something permanent, time for getting well settled.

I have just begin this journey and this is my introspection report.

The Report of 2023.


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