Why I prefer offline book shopping

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Kaustav Ghosh

Two days ago I wrote all about online book shopping, tricks I use, tips I have, its advantages. It took my two hours thought process on spot to write that and I think egg toast helped me to serve the purpose. Now look at the title? Completely opposite scenario is not it. But still I am writing this to let you know my preference of transacting offline.

Usually I live near to college street, a paradise for the book lover, situated in central Kolkata. Office, book store and press of the major publishing house situated in and around this area. From my house it usually takes 30 minutes if you want to reach this place by using your foot. As a bengali, we are more inclined to the various types of books from our childhood. This is one of the feature of our linguistic community.

I usually prefer offline book shopping and there are many reasons for that-

First is the delivery charges. When your house is very near to book paradise, you will not be interested to pay heavy delivery charges.

Second is the time. It is the word of the wise people “Time is money” and when the delivery boys are taking more than seven days time just to deliver book within 6 to 10 km who will buy it online.

Third financial fraud may occur for those while buying books online if any case their computer, laptop or mobile do not have anti virus software to protect it. Infact sometime those anti theft, anti phishing software could not provide protection as we expect it to deliver.

Fourth I can smell the books while buying offline. The smell of the book is the nectar to the nose of book lovers.

Fifth I can thoroughly check the books so there is no trouble or question coming to you about the quality- such as printing mistake, bad paper quality, page missing or torn or many thing associated with the quality.

I believe offline bookstores are very good for those people who have clear knowledge on what they are buying or intends to buy, the author name, the publishers details etc. As you can get the book instantly when you buy it, but while buying books online it take some time to reach your house.

I usually do a wish list, note it down in my diary, save the money for the whole year and then buy it all in Kolkata book fare. Though online bookstore provides some good debit/credit card offer,buy now pay later option and some offline bookstore accept online payment such as u.p.i, card etc.

This is what I follow. What is your opinion let me know in the comment box.


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