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Kaustav Ghosh

Hello dear viewers, good morning from India. While I am writing this first post (All total fourth) of this month in this ‘Tricks and tips’ category, I found that it has been 62 days since my last post in this category. From now onwards I believe there will be at least one post every month in this category, in fact there will be at least one post in every category or genre visible in this blogging website.

I usually prefer offline book shopping rather than buying it online but it is the truth that some books are only available for the online shoppers; in fact same goes to the electronic products.

The advantage with the online shopping of book is you can explore, search, categorize which is not possible in offline category. If you want poetry books you can just search it and you can easily discover those books which are trending, those top books and their bestseller ranking. You can filter your search on its relevance, popularity, low-high or high-low price, newest.

You can filter your searches by the language you are looking for.

My first trick and tips are what I usually do. I look into another aspect while buying books online that is after finding my book I click into author’s name to find how many books irrespective of its genre has been authored by that author. By doing this I can discover their journey as an author, I can also find the every review of their books which are available in the domain. It usually gives a clarity on that particular author and their expertise.

Second is using those category to find the exact book you are looking for. If you carefully go through those online shopping sites such as amazon, flipkart and others you will definitely be able to find the categories to your left-

Higher Education and Professional Books, History and Archaeology Books, Lifestyle, Hobby and Sport Books, Test Preparation Books, Literature Books, Healthy Living and Wellness Books, Biographies, Memoirs and General Non-Fiction Books, Self-Help Books, Philosophy and Religion Books, Social Science Books, Reference Books, Arts, Language and Linguistic Books, Children and Young Adult books, Books for engineer, doctors, Law books, Comic books, Crime thriller books. You just need to click that category.

In amazon when you type books first they will show you the price category such as under 100,100-200 and the list goes on. If you have some budget related issues, it will help you to choose the right book under this category. You can also check the discount section, no cost emi, buy more save more section, special price section.

You can also tick the option if you are looking for some specific sellers who has decent history, pedigree, expertise to deal with the issues from book dispatch to delivery along with return issues if any. You can also track the review of the sellers as if they have any negative review on the products they have delivered.

Another option is if you are really inclined to book format and it matters to you most- you can tick the option of either paperback, hardcover, bound, kindle or any other format.

Many friends of mine also check the new arrivals and for this reason those sites provides the option of last 30days to 90 days, sometime they also intimate the books are coming on your way.

In offline stores, you can only ask for specific book and they will provide it but while surfing the nets if you conduct a little bit of research properly, you can definitely find the best suitable for your needs.

Happy surfing.

By the way in future there will be many books authored by me. You just need to click the authors name-‘Kaustav Ghosh‘ to find out my writing journey.

Thank you for everything.


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