The Problem of the World lies in the ‘WORD’

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Kaustav Ghosh

After a long thought process, I am writing this today. Now, look at the title. What do you understand?

We hindus believed word which is in bengali শব্দ and in hindi शब्द which is shabda is considered as Bramh or supreme particle. Every word spoken in public or in mind or in writing has some spirituality and power. Every word has magic and they altogether become magical. In the time of Ramayan, Mahabharat people without uttering specific mantras or a single word known as Beej mantra can invoke mass destructive weapon such as Bramhasira, Bramhastra, Pasupat etc. Word itself a powerful weapon, it can even pierce the soul.

You do not believe it? What about ‘Salary credited” or ‘I love you’ or ‘You are selected/rejected’ or ‘You become father/mother’.

It is some provocative ‘word’ which led us to many destructive war. But here is the question lies? How they could use word to provoke people and how people fall into the trap?

How many problems are there in the world?

Many people will have different opinion and they may write a thesis out of it.

But how many people cared about the world as they have made a separate world for themselves. In short we can say so many world in a single word.

Now to complete the title of this writing let’s reveal that word. You can add more word in the comment box if you like to.

The word-‘only”. Sometimes this single word can disturb the world with intolerance and fight. This single word many times contains both arrogance and ignorance. There is nothing like one and only truth because change is itself constant and only truth along with death.

Another word is ‘insecurity’. Have you noticed one thing? Look at our history- From Human vs animal to human vs human, it is the insecurity which led to war, fight. To complete this word by a sentence-The exploitation of our inner fear and insecurity by the third party has become the reason of our war against the third party. He, who provokes neither go to war nor sustain any injury. Look at the history and present scenario and decide whether I am wrong, right, partially wrong, partially right or neither wrong nor right.

Our first enemy is our fear, insecurity and lack of self belief. Our first sin is we allow others to exploit, brainwash us and the last sin is we depends too much on other’s opinion but never ever judge and introspect us own.

This two word where the every problem of this world lies are=

‘Only’ ‘Insecurity’.

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