Miss You Mohun Bagan

Kaustav Ghosh

I am a die hard fan of Mohun Bagan football club, the national club of India. It has been 3 year since mohun bagan win its fifth i league( The then highest professional national league in India). It has been 3 years since Mohun bagan become the second club to win this title fifth times. That team under polish coach Kivu Vicuna, I can never forget that team, that coach, that ruthless gameplay in 2019-20.

Today is ISL final and that too against Bengaluru Fc. I remember 30 May, 2015 when my mohun bagan settled fot 1-1 draw to win the i league. Now Bengaluru fc will face ATK Mohunbagan in the hero Isl final.

Now that 135 years old team has been playing as a merged entity after merging with 6 year old ATK.


They could not found any investor for that champion team?

Still remember that day when we won the i league fifth time-


Papa Diwara and coach vicuna- two magician

Beitia and komron tursunov

3 spaniard with the coach

Major photos are taken from mohun bagan fanatics facebook page

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