Kaustav Ghosh

Dear Jagannath,

Oh Lord, my best friend. Jagannath, I miss those time when I used to visit regularly. It has been 3 years since I have visited Puri. Though my first visit was in 2014 and I could not went to see your nabakalebar in 2015. But I could visit you in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. Like 2020, 2021 puri was closed due to pandemic in the time of rathyatra. but you know my dear friend, I was crying in the time of rathyatra, 2022. I could not stop my tears as I miss you badly. Still due to various reasons I could not visit puri. Still I was searching for the answer why you have kept me still by which I could not went to puri to see you. Yes, I admit you are within the world and whole world is within you. Today I realised that by not allowing me to puri for three years you taught me about life. Life is all about ups and down and change is the only constant. Who knows may be from this year I will start a new streak of record. In this three years time I could visit mahesh three times and mahesh jagannath temple is the second oldest temple dedicated to you just after puri . I have visited khiderpore jagannath temple, iscon temple in kolkata and this three temples I have never visited prior to 2020. As you know that without seeing you will give me immense pain and you have compensate me. Still I wish to visit jagannath temple puri in this year. Yes whole world is within you and you are everywhere; in my home, in my heart. But I do not why I feel ecstatic when I visit Puri to see you. I feel your presence in every object of Puri, like you are always with me by holding my hand. It was started at that crisis period of mine in the year 2013, I was then just floating like a ship without any rudder. I was clueless about what is going in my life. I was in kharagpur and there was a Jagannath temple in talbagicha, near Dvc Market, Kharagpur. I spend my time talking with you. I used to talk about my problems, my pain and everything. I find peace by sharing my everything with you and from then friendship bond was started. I asked you, prayed you so that I can visit puri and within one year you have arranged my visit to Puri. From then to now and forever.

It was 04.00 pm on 9 th March, 2023 I asked you why forgiving is the act of powerful, you answered me on 01.00 a.m, 10 th March 2023.

Sometimes we overthink a lot and some people overthink everytime. They assume everything overly, like it may not have happened but has happened in their eyes. This over thinking make many simple things worst, make it more complicated.

When we do not forgive we confine ourselves in that wound inflicted in our past. We become the captive of it. When we do not forgive we have to remember our past, live in it. But as all the wise man said- Past is gone, it will never come back. We do not know future as it is a mystery. But we have present that is a gift of God on which if we can work hard and smart, without repeating any mistake, reward will definitely come in future.

When we forgive, when we forget we liberate our soul from the prison. If someone did commit sin will be punished by its own karma, but sometimes it our overthinking which made us presume something which never had happened.

To conclude I will quote Rabindranath Tagore-

” বন্দী প্রাণ মন হোক উধাও॥

          শুকনো গাঙে আসুক

          জীবনের বন্যার উদ্দাম কৌতুক–

          ভাঙনের জয়গান গাও।

          জীর্ণ পুরাতন যাক ভেসে যাক,

          যাক ভেসে যাক, যাক ভেসে যাক।

          আমরা শুনেছি ওই    মাভৈঃ মাভৈঃ মাভৈঃ

          কোন্‌ নূতনেরই ডাক।

          ভয় করি না অজানারে,

          রুদ্ধ তাহারি দ্বারে    দুর্দাড় বেগে ধাও॥ “

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