Bengal and secularism

Kaustav Ghosh

Look at the photo.It is in bengali, if you do not know bengali I will help you to understand what is written there. India was under the rule of muslims for several decades- I think it was 1175 a.d when Muhammad Ghori invaded India to the late eighteenth century. Bengal was under the rule of Afghan and after that from 1717 A.D Nawab of Murshidabad. At that time there was Bengal suba comprising of present days bangladesh,state of west bengal, assam, bihar, jharkhand, odisha and it was the wealthiest provinces in India. Bengal province has business relation with other foreign nations and this is why europe settlers, businessman, companies came to kolkata and the rest is history. My point here is as a bengali, we have some centuries old tradition and history of peaceful co-existence even though there is a bitter bloodsheded history of riot, forceful conversion, temple loot and etc. I have problems with those people who only show the dark side of something, but forget to mention the other side which is very good. India is the land of fighting spirit, it is the land of non violence untill or unless the situation demands otherwise. India is a country which taught the world the word ‘tolerance’, as Kabiguru Rabindranath said-“শক হুন মোগল পাঠান এক দেহে হলো লীন”.

Now what is written in bengali in that photo. A Muslim family, in the memory of their parents Abdul Hakim Mandal and takimunnesa bibi has donated 3 satak of land for the seva of ma Kiriteswari, one of the major saktipith in India. Satipith to the hindus specially sakti worshippers are equivalent to Mecca of Muslims, Vatican/ Jerusalem to the Christians. You have already notice my thirst to visit saktipith if you have followed my articles for months. This is India my friend, but unfortunately in this era media only highlights the begative news which is not the normal in every aspects. The sign of tolerance, love, communal brotherhood can be seen across India, across bengal but unfortunately this positives are not at all highlighted, featured as spreading love has never been profitable to any war mongers, rioters.

For me India is my dreamland, it is as pure as nectar. I wholeheartedly want my viewers to visit India, specially Bengal once in their life. You will find love, peace, solace and spirituality.

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