7 days left

kaustav Ghosh

Today is the 6th March, 2023 and only seven days left for my birthday.

This time I will celebrate my birthday with the viewers of lawet.

I will share some special childhood photos of me till 12 th of March. Lawet and me need your blessings from its core of the heart.

In the meantime I will fix several issues in my life like personal issues, health issues and everything which needs to be sorted out, everything that needs my immediate attention.

I hope to bring you some news aspects on which you may never had read, heard or thought of.

Here is the first photo-

In my childhood days it was tradition in every bengali family to capture photos in the saraswati puja and at that time there was neither any smart phone nor any other facilities except studios. This photo with my elder sister was in the evening of a saraswati puja 23 years ago or may be more. As you can see I am in panjabi and my sister wearing basanti colored saree.

My viewers are very special, so I am sharing my childhood with the world.

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  1. A wonderful photo.

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