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Kaustav Ghosh

3rd January, 2023.

Just after English new year celebration, I uses to feel when I will start my youtube channel where I can raise my voice by using my voice, where I can share my thought, where I can share what I have learned as to join the ever learning session.

I had been told repeatedly by my elder brother Soumyadeep Sinha to start my youtube channel but I could not figure out where to start and how to start. Specially after my interview video got published in youtube in the January, 2022 I thought it is now or never.

I went to Katwa and discover so many new things which I have never experienced, specially in Katwa ferry ghat. It was 27th December, 2022 and took 3 videos in Katwa ferryghat. I have uploaded this three video in my youtube channel on 3rd of January in this year of 2023.

Today is the two months anniversary and I have 42 subscribers in my youtube channel.

My channel till now got 4708 views and my one video out of 19 videos has alone 2.6k+ views. The watch hour approximately is 31.8 hour. The main visitors are mainly from India and Bangladesh. I have uploaded 5 reels in youtube and one of the reel got 914 views within 12 hour of uploading.

I have created playlist for easy differentiation of various categories and those are-love for travel, beauty of hinduism, from the core of my heart, মনের কথা, podcast into vodcast, gaming means fifa mobile, law and more and poetry recitation vodcast.

My journey with youtube just has started and I need nothing but your blessings. Here is the link of my youtube channel-

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