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Kaustav Ghosh

This is my blogging website but still I am asking for help here for some other reason. From my childhood days I love study and I used to engage myself teaching some boy or girls who could not afford to have food, who used to slept in road. Research and teaching was my first love.

I have secured my graduation and post graduation degree with first class. I have done some certificate courses offered by foreign university and institute such as Oxford, London, Stanford, British Council along with some national universities of India such as IIT kharagpur, NLU Delhi alongwith completion certificate from IIT Madras. I have been the reviewer of various national journal and from 5th August 2018 I had been appointed as the reviewer of International Journal of transitional justice, Oxford University Press. I was the member of American Bankruptcy Institute and its three committee namely legislation, international and litigation from 21/07/2018 to 19/07/2019. I have been holding the position of Constitutional expert cum advisor of Centre for the Constitutional Research ad Development, Vidhi Aagaz from July 2019 onwards. From February 2020 I have been working as the member of academic panel and co-creation panel (now co-creation panel has been dissolved) in Cambridge University Press and Assessment.

My legal practicing area is mainly in civil arena for the last six and half years. I have published atleast ten articles in various national journal and atleast three of them has been indexed in google scholar and heinonline.

I feel and strongly believe that I can contribute very well in teaching and research field. At present looking for research and teaching job in and outside Kolkata, West Bengal. I can contribute remotely for any foreign institution, organisation alingwith any universities. I really want to join as soon as possible.

My linkedin profile- https://www.linkedin.com/in/kaustav-ghosh-080150103

Yours Kaustav Ghosh

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